Benefit of Using a VPN to Stream YouTube

Using a VPN (virtual private network) will anonymize your IPs. What does this mean and how does it change the YouTube streaming game? We understand that some YouTube watchers try to speed up the grey buffering bar by getting rid of some IPs addresses to directly stream YouTube videos instead of going through cached servers. Sometimes, blocking these IPs addresses will have no effect on the speed of your videos. VPNs can be used as an alternative remedy for slow streaming. Most importantly, VPNs protect your privacy by preventing YouTube and other networks from finding your real IP. This ultimately will allow faster access to the video source and increase your video watching speed.

VPN is a network connection that enables all network traffic to go through a secure virtual tunnel between the client and the private VPN provider server, which is encrypted over the public Internet. Your data, voice, and video will go through secure and encrypted channels that protect your privacy online. Currently, personal VPNs are being used to browse through the web anonymously, secure their web browsing at public WiFi sites, and gain access to blocked websites. This benefits YouTube watchers by preventing other IP addresses from incoming traffic.

By tunneling through the private network provided by your VPN provider, the videos you search, click-on, and watch are encrypted or decrypted depending on the direction of traffic. When you search for a video on YouTube and play it, this is considered outbound traffic, thus the data will be encrypted on your computer by a VPN client. The encrypted data will be sent through the VPN server into a gateway server, where the command is decrypted in the public Internet to YouTube. The data you receive back as the video is played is considered inbound traffic, where the process of decryption is reversed. Instead of your own IP address bouncing back with the video data, you will receive an IP address from the VPN gateway server, making it difficult to locate your real IP address as well as your geographical location.

The process in which the VPN is packaging your data is highly secure and protects your privacy over the Internet. Each data is packaged into multiple envelopes after being encrypted and move through a secure tunnel together. These data packets are very difficult to penetrate and are very effective against data packet analysis and potential attacks on your privacy between the transactions. With this security loop provided by your VPN service, your data travels through a secure network that can affect the speed of the videos you want to watch on YouTube. Watching YouTube with VPN will definitely increase your stream speed.